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                Standard Bag Manufacturing Co.

                Quality service since 1985

                Standard Bag Manufacturing Company is a private minority owned company established in 1985. Our plant is currently sized at 100,000 square feet and is located in beautiful Beaverton, Oregon. We are a multi-wall bag manufacturer/converter, producing sewn open mouth, pinch bottom open mouth, and pinch/block bottom bag styles in multi-wall paper, with or without poly. We also make woven poly laminated paper/BOPP film bags in sewn open mouth style.

                Our customer base spreads across a variety of market segments: animal feed, seed, dairy, industrial commodities, grain milling, food processing, chemicals, and retail packaging.

                Contact Information

                1800 S.W. Merlo Drive.
                Beaverton, OR 97003

                Phone: 800.654.1395
                Fax: 503.642.9335
                E-mail: sales@standardbag.com

                About Standard Bag



                Check out our products page to see the many variety of high-quality bags that we offer to meet your needs.

                Copyright 2010 Standard Bag Manufacturing Company